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Fifteen years in, a lot has changed since the inception of the eLit Awards, including how books are discussed and consumed by readers around the world. Ebooks are read and produced right alongside printed books. Even our sister award, the Independent Publisher Book Awards, now allows ebooks to be entered in every category AND has special categories for ebooks alone. Given the parity that has evolved, the eLits are evolving as well.

Beyond ebooks, books are experienced in so many more ways digitally today. Social media, websites, podcasts, and audiobooks are constantly changing the way we interact with and discuss books. The eLits are changing to reflect the new era of digital readership, too. We are taking our decades of book awards knowledge and our experienced judges who love everything from #booktok to podcasts to celebrate the next chapter of the book world.

Looking for Recognition for Your Ebook?

Check the Independent Publisher Book Awards, which offers opportunities for ebooks in over 100 categories- including categories for ebooks only. You can also check out our specialty awards, which all accept ebooks for all categories, as well as categories for ebooks or digital entries: Axiom Business Book Awards, Moonbeam Children’s Book Awards, Illumination Christian Book Awards, and Living Now Book Awards (which offers opportunities in categories ranging from Fiction to Self-Help)

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Award Categories

  1. Audiobook- General Fiction*
  2. Audiobook- Mystery*
  3. Audiobook- Romance*
  4. Audiobook- Autobiography/Biography*
  5. Audiobook- Business*
  6. Audiobook- Self-Help*
  7. Best Book Trailer* (send mp4 file or include link to platform where it is hosted with book title on “Title” line of form)
  8. Best Website - Author (enter website address on “Title” line of form)
  9. Best Website- Book/Series (enter website address on “Title” line of form)
  10. Social Media Account- Author/Publisher (Tik Tok, Instagram, Facebook, etc) (enter website address for account or list platform and handle on “Title” line of form)
  11. Social Media Account- Library/Bookstore/Institution (enter website address for account or list platform and handle on “Title” line of form)
  12. Video Channel (YouTube, etc) (enter direct address for account or share platform and account name on “Title” line of form)
  13. Podcast- Book Club/Book Discussion Format
  14. Podcast- Interview/Author Hosted Format
  15. Blog/Longform Posts/Newsletter (blog, Substack, etc)

*Please send audiobook gifts and book trailer files to digital@jenkinsgroupinc.com. Trailer titles should be titled BookTitle.mp4 if not providing link to a platform to view.


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