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Frequently Asked Questions

Who enters the eLit Awards?

All publishers with electronic titles are eligible, ranging from large multi-title publishing houses to small one-title publishers. Publishers can be throughout North America and overseas publishers who publish English-language books intended for the American market.

What are the benefits of the eLit Awards?

As a unique and veteran eBook awards program, we experience a very high level of interest every year. Becoming a part of our awards program puts you on the leading edge of increasing the awareness of this flourishing format of digital publishing. For winners, the distinct payoffs include exposure for your title and the industry as a whole, personal satisfaction, and the prestige of accepting an award on behalf of your incredible book.

What makes the eLit Awards unique?

Our awards program offers 65 categories solely to the electronic book medium. The eLit Awards are dedicated to honoring the best e-books published each year for the North American market. The eLit Awards designate a winner, finalists, and honorable mentions in each category who also appear for an entire year at www.elitawards.com. Winners will also be featured in www.IndependentPublisher.com and highlighted prominently in our monthly newsletter, which goes out to more than 20,000 subscribers worldwide, many of whom are agents, buyers, and librarians.

Less Frequently Asked Questions

If I enter the eLit Awards online, how do you judge my books?

The creation of a streamlined online entry system makes entering the eLit Awards more simple and convenient with easy file upload capabilities for our judges to access.

If a hard copy of an e-book must be sent, we suggest that you send a trackable package or include a self-addressed postcard to help us confirm receipt of your entry. Please include the online entry receipt with the book(s) in the appropriate file format on a flash drive or CD ROM. A note listing contact and category information is also required.

Do the judges read every book from cover to cover?

Awards judges are very good at assessing a book’s quality, much as a buyer at a bookstore or library determines whether or not to purchase. The further a book makes it into the judging process, the more likely it will be read completely.

Award Categories

  1. Audiobook- General Fiction*
  2. Audiobook- Mystery*
  3. Audiobook- Romance*
  4. Audiobook- Autobiography/Biography*
  5. Audiobook- Business*
  6. Audiobook- Self-Help*
  7. Best Book Trailer* (send mp4 file or include link to platform where it is hosted with book title on “Title” line of form)
  8. Best Website - Author (enter website address on “Title” line of form)
  9. Best Website- Book/Series (enter website address on “Title” line of form)
  10. Social Media Account- Author/Publisher (Tik Tok, Instagram, Facebook, etc) (enter website address for account or list platform and handle on “Title” line of form)
  11. Social Media Account- Library/Bookstore/Institution (enter website address for account or list platform and handle on “Title” line of form)
  12. Video Channel (YouTube, etc) (enter direct address for account or share platform and account name on “Title” line of form)
  13. Podcast- Book Club/Book Discussion Format
  14. Podcast- Interview/Author Hosted Format
  15. Blog/Longform Posts/Newsletter (blog, Substack, etc)

*Please send audiobook gifts and book trailer files to digital@jenkinsgroupinc.com. Trailer titles should be titled BookTitle.mp4 if not providing link to a platform to view.


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